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Workout Series - Available in 3 Formats.

Get these workouts to use in our Kajabi App, or as YouTube versions or on DVD (US and Canada only for DVDs). Click the Buy / Learn More button for details. 

Series 1

5 workouts approximately 10 minutes each that were designed to fit simple and fun movements into your day. Includes the "Ultimate Kitchen Workout" and "Energy Walk".

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Series 2

Get stronger! These 5 workouts (aproximately 10 minutes each) include: a chair workout, handweight routine, unique broomstick workout, fun cardio and resistance bands.

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Series 3

Super simple cardio for all fitness levels! 3 fun 20 minute cardio workouts, including an easy workout using your countertop. You'll get these done because they are so much fun!

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Series 4

This series contain 5 ten minute sessions plus a 30 minute BONUS video that combines the best moves of the first 5 workouts. We're using easy to do cardio plus new moves to keep it interesting and fun.

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Series 5

This exciting "Chairobics" chair workout series has 3 - Fifteen minute workouts that includes gentle cardio and strength building exercises. It's super easy to do and fun for everyoneĀ 

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