Series 4: Moving On

This series contain 5 ten minute sessions plus a 30 minute BONUS video that combines the best moves of the first 5 workouts. We're using easy to do cardio plus new moves to keep it interesting and fun. 

Video 1: Boogie On Down - In this video we are keeping the foot movement very basic and adding a large variety of arm movements. There are lots of new boogie moves to ensure that you have fun. 

Video 2: Let's Do It! - Combines new arm and foot patterns in a series of fun and easy to learn routines. I've also included some fun hip movements to keep you motivated right to the end of the cool-down. 

Video 3: Feet Forward - Lots of new, fun combos that will help keep you flexible and agile while getting in a great cardio workout. 

Video 4: Move & Groove - This fun workout includes dips, pumps and hip circles... you'll see what I mean! This fun session will help develop co-ordination with new moves broken down so they are easy to learn. 

Video 5: Through The Grapevine - We're starting with a simple grapevine and adding moves until it grows into a fun routine that gives you a healthy cardio workout. It's easy to follow and you'll love it!

30 Minute Workout BONUS -I've taken the first 5 workouts, edited the best moves and combined them into a full 30 minute workout. If you've done the 5 workouts then you will already know the moves. Use it when you want a longer workout. 

3 Ways to Buy Series 4:

1. OUR KAJABI APP. Great for easy access. You can use the app or view them on the website. You can also download the workouts from the app to watch anywhere without internet or cell service. $15USD

2. YOUTUBE. If you can watch YouTube on your tv, this is a great way to cast the workouts to your tv (please note: there may be YouTube ads in the videos). Purchased through our Gumroad checkout. $15USD

3. DVDs. If you want to have a physical product this is the option for you. Available only in the US and Canada. Shipping charges apply. $20USD