Getting fit is easier if it's fun. 

If you haven't exercised in years, or you are a complete beginner, you need an easy and fun place to start. If it's fun... you'll get it done!

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The power of starting with small steps.

Have you seen workouts that you don't even want to try? My exercises and programs are simple and easy to follow and you can do them in the comfort of your home. You'll be inspired to get started and you'll love how good it feels!

Gentle Cardio

Easy peasy gentle workouts using walking combinations and a variety of arm and leg movements. These are designed to increase mobility and agility. If you like moving to music, you will love this! 

Building Strength

I use resistance bands, hand weights and my unique broomstick exercises to help you get stronger. As well as chair workouts and a combination of body movements to build muscle. 

Increase Flexibility

A wide range of stretching exercises that you will be able to do even if you are not flexible. We will be using a chair, countertop and wall to support you and make them easy and simple.  

Let's have fun!

 Hi, I'm Karen, and I'm a certified health coach and fitness trainer. I've been teaching fitness programs for 45 years. Creating movement to music is my biggest passion! Let me help you feel better and get stronger the easy way.  

More About Me

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Series 3

Super simple cardio for all fitness levels! 3 fun 20 minute cardio workouts, including an easy workout using your kitchen countertop. You'll get these done because they are so much fun!

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Series 4

This series contain 5 ten minute sessions plus a 30 minute BONUS video that combines the best moves of the first 5 workouts. We're using easy to do cardio plus new moves to keep it interesting and fun. 

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Series 5

This exciting "Chairobics" chair workout series has 3 - Fifteen minute workouts that includes gentle cardio and strength building exercises. 

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What can you expect from Easy Fitness Over 50?

Karen is all about making movement an enjoyable part of your everyday life. It's easier than you think! If you're having trouble just starting an exercise plan or sticking with it, you're not alone. Whatever your age or fitness level, even if you've never exercised a day in your life, Easy Fitness Over 50 makes exercise less intimidating and much more fun. The more fun you have, the more motivated you will be. No matter which video you choose, you can count on three things:

Form & Technique

I'll show you the safe way to stretch and strengthen your entire body.

Diverse Exercises

We’ll mix it up: different tools, different moves, all suited for beginners.

Easy To Follow

Have fun while you learn. Every routine is broken down into easy to learn steps.

Lorrie H.

"I have watched a lot of exercise videos and was never motivated to join in. You've encouraged me to exercise. Thank you!"

Melissa M.

"I had basically stopped moving at all... but your videos have inspired me. I've worked out more since watching you than I have in a long time. Thank you! It helped get me started and reminded me of good it feels to move & get stronger!"

Shirley B.

"Thank you for these exercises. I am 83 years old and they are definitely strengthening my legs and helping with balance. "

Gina J.

"I'm really enjoying the videos that I purchased. You definitely make moving more fun that any other thing I have tried! "

Kathy P.

"You have been a life changer. I've only been following you a few weeks and already feel the difference. I do the stretches all throughout the day. Thank you so very much!"

Julie K.

"You're absolutely wonderful! So uplifting, energizing and helpful. Thank you so much for all of your exercises."

Have fun and get fit, no gym required!


You don't have to be a fitness enthusiast to move with Karen. Easy Fitness is all about simple, gentle exercises to keep you moving all day. Join Karen to learn some new moves, get fit and most of all have fun doing it! 

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