Series 2: Getting Stronger

This series includes 5 workouts (aprox 10 min ea.) and 3 introduction videos to explain technique. The workouts are designed to help you tone up and feel stronger.


Video 1a: Introduction to Broomstick Workout

Watch this video first before attempting the Broomstick workout. It has tips and tricks to help you get the most from this workout. (You may only need to watch this video once).

Video 1: Broomstick Workout

Using a broomstick or handle is a very effective way to add resistance to a workout. It's one of my favourite fitness tools and helps work all muscles of the body.

Video 2a: Introduction to Hand-weights

This video will help you develop the correct technique for working with hand-weights. (You may only need to watch this video once).

Video 2: Hand-Weight Workout

It's amazing how well you can tone the entire body using just hand-weights. This video will show you a variety of exercises to get you feeling stronger and looking great.

Video 3a: Introduction to Resistance Bands

Tips and techniques to help you get the most from your Resistance Band workout. (You may only need to watch this video once).

Video 3: Resistance Band Workout

The Resistance Band is great for strengthening the entire body! You can take it anywhere you go and there are many muscle applications. Get stronger and have fun!

Video 4: Stretching & Balance Workout

In this workout, I take you through a series of safe stretches in a standing position and using a chair. These stretches are followed by some great exercises to help you work on your balance.

Video 5: Chair Workout

This Chair Workout incorporates exercises for the upper and lower body and there are some great stretches included. Have fun... it feels great!

3 Ways to Buy Series 2:

1. OUR KAJABI APP. Great for easy access. You can use the app or view them on the website. You can also download the workouts from the app to watch anywhere without internet or cell service. $15USD

2. YOUTUBE. If you can watch YouTube on your tv, this is a great way to cast the workouts to your tv (please note: there may be YouTube ads in the videos). Purchased through our Gumroad checkout. $15USD

3. DVDs. If you want to have a physical product this is the option for you. Available only in the US and Canada. Shipping charges apply. $20USD